Blood Will Tell

The party made their way to the Faerunduil Forest to try their hand at picking moon flowers for Longfellow. They made it to the Veil with little incident and passed through with no noticeable resistance. After walking for several more hours they stumbled upon what appeared to be a group of bandits.

The bandits demanded that they hand over their valuables. When the party refused, the bandits attacked. After a short skirmish, a voice came from the trees calling for a halt in the fighting. Ryder recognized the voice as belonging to his mother and sure enough she was speaking through a scrying spell held by one of the bandits.

After apologies were given all around, the group was led back to the resistance camp. Ryder’s mother, Osonia, met them and after a tender reunion with her son began to explain what was happening. She was cut short upon seeing Liaden and mistaking her for Eimhear, Liaden’s mother.

Osonia explained that she had worked in the royal guard and was a member of Eimhear, the princess’s, personal guard. She explained that Liaden’s royal bloodline was a danger to her now. After the Council of Mages overthrew the royal family there was a slaughter. Recently, they have been actively rounding up anyone they can find with even a small blood connection to the royal line.

Osonia encouraged the group to take Liaden away so that she might not be in danger. After agreeing that they needed to leave as soon as possible, Perry, Bazida, and Artisan worked out a deal to begin the trade and shipment of moonflowers to help gain the resistance some funding. Osonia sent someone to gather moonflowers for the party while they rested and the next morning they continued on their way.

As they were preparing to pass through the veil Osonia noticed the ring that Longfellow had given to Perry. She commented that it was one of the royal rings and asked that they look into its origins.

Upon arriving back in Providence the party turned their moonflowers in to Longfellow and questioned him about the ring. He revealed that he was a distant cousin of the royal family and that he had watched his entire family get slaughtered before managing to escape with the help of some of the palace servants.

He begged the group not to ever speak of who he was because he was terrified that the Council of Mages would find him and kill him too.

The party decided that they should find Liaden’s mother and tell her what was happening in Faerunduil. They set out, and on their way stopped in Sessmekesh to see if Dean Lithal needed their help with the trial. They were able to give testimony to the things they had seen and Dean Lithal gave them a little more information about the being the cultists had been serving. She also suggested that they look into the records of past members of the fraternity to see if they could track any of them down and get more information.

Perry and Artisan broke off from the group for the evening to do research in the library, but instead made their way into the residential district of town, where Perry wandered through a house. There was a gaping hole in the side of the house and large pieces of furniture were missing inside. It appeared to be under repairs. On their way back to the university, Perry revealed that the house was his old home.



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