Bad Necromancer! Very Bad.

After rescuing several of the captives taken by the bandits, the party decided that it was time to rest and go find reinforcements. They headed back to town, where the refugees were getting settled in. Gilreath and Solomon told them about a town meeting that was to happen that evening and they attended.

At the meeting, the town decided to accept the refugees and make a place for them in Providence. They also decided not to send out the guard to deal with the bandits because they might be needed to protect the town.

Upon returning to the basement of operations, the party found Marsail waiting for them. She revealed that she was not the simple farmer’s wife that she seemed and that she intended to go with them to fight these bandits, because they had her daughter. Together, the group made plans to harry and pick away at the bandits. Nolan joined them offering his aid and the aid of his animal companions as well.

Plans laid, the party rested then set out to prepare in the morning. The town lent their support in the form of weapons, potions and arrows. Adrianne expressed her regret at not being able to join them, but gave them a decent stash of weapons to help with their fight.

Not long after the party set out, they heard crashing in the bushes behind them. Solomon, had left the town’s safety in the hands of his second-in-command. He said he wasn’t big on waiting for trouble to find him, so he was coming with them to take care of the bandits.

Together, the party tracked the bandits to their camp. They silently killed all of the sentries and manged to release a train of horses. Three bandits chased after the horses and were killed by the party as well. Feeling that this was a good start, they left Nolan’s wolves to howl and harry the camp for the rest of the evening.

As they followed the bandits’ trail the next day, they noticed a small party break off from the larger group. Artisan, Bazida, Liaden, Ryder, and Nolan decided to follow this smaller group and see if they could pick off some more of the bandits while they were separated. They followed the group into a swamp. and managed to catch up with them just in time to see them pass through the gates of a small keep. The bandit group consisted of three bandits and four children captives.

The party found a sewage entrance to the castle, which seemed oddly unoccupied. When they got inside they found what appeared to be wolves, made of metal and bone, patrolling the grounds. They managed to slip past the wolves and entered the keep. On the bottom floor they discovered a workroom where these wolves appeared to be created. In one corner they saw a pile of small bruised corpse’s. Children’s bodies, cast aside.

They continued upstairs and found two luxurious rooms, with feather beds and toys. Each room housed several children, as well as two wolfish guards. The party decided to check the towers to see if they could find the source of the evil magics.

In one of the towers they found the orc leader talking with a small gnomish man. The gnome was chastising the orc for allowing people to follow him and complained that this would slow him down as he tried to fill his orders.

The party entered the tower and killed both the necromancer and the orcish leader. They then returned downstairs to find the metal wolves lying inanimate and released the children from their rooms.



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