Her lithe form and silver hair, together with her pale blue eyes create and ethereal quality around this tiny cheerful woman.


Silvea is the wife of Gilreath and owner of the Griffin’s Paws. She is quite tiny, measuring barely five feet. She has long silver hair that she keeps half pulled back, tumbling around her shoulders. Her skin is also pale, and her eyes are such a pale blue that they almost appear completely white.

Silvea has the gift of prophecy and gave each member of the group a reading early in their travels.

Artisan: I see your regrets. You have a touch of the fade on you. Fear not, redemption will be found in the dark city

Paracellsus: I will not reveal that which you fear in front of your friends. You know your pain well enough. There is hope and it is in your hands to decide who you will be. Your heritage will influence you, but it will not define you.

Bazida: You are well-loved and by many more than most people. Do not let the hate of a few cast doubt upon that. The knowledge that you seek will lead to pain, but this does not mean it is unworthy to be sought.

Liaden: A difficult choice faces you. The family of your blood or the family you have made for yourself. A great weight rests on your shoulders.

Ryder: Do not let your past keep you from seeing the future. You cannot remain alone. There are those who need you that you cannot run from as you have in the past.


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