Back to Town

After talking with Dean Lithel about the state of the fraternity, the group decided to make their way back to Providence to rest up and regroup. Dean Lithel did ask if they would be willing to return to give testimony against the fraternity members, but the group declined to give her a good way to contact them.

Upon arriving at Providence the group found that their Basement of Operations, was in useable condition. After each selecting a room they went around town and ran some various errands. When they were on their way back they came across Liaden talking with Elowen, a dryad that resides in town.

Their conversation is cut short, however when Elowen gasps and disappears, after yelling the word “Yasen.” Her husband Palmer grabbed his hammers and started running. The group followed and when they reached the deep words, they came across Elowen standing between three dire wolves and a young boy, high in the branches of the tree.

The group helped Elowen and Palmer fight off the dire wolves. After the battle was over, Elowen and Palmer gathered their children Yasen and Vesa (who had been hiding within the tree itself.) They thanked the group for their help and went back to town. The group decided to rest up, then follow the tracks of the wolves in the morning.

After tracking the wolves they came across a campsite, filled with mauled bodies. Inspection seemed to indicate that the wolves had escaped from three cages and made quick work of their guards and transporters. A bill of sale was discovered that showed the wolves had been purchased from Baron Jaresh by Lord Retan for the sum of 10,000 gp.

On the way back into town, Artisan and Liaden stop by “Trappings” to try and sell their wolf pelts. They quickly discover that the owner, Sigurd, is a drunk and pretty incapable; so after conning him they take their leave. As they go, a young quarter orc girl chases them down and offers to do the work for them for a discount. Liaden notices a bruise on her eye and a limp, and asks her how she hurt herself. Tali makes excuses, but it is apparent that her uncle Sigurd is the cause.

Artisan and Liaden took this information to the city guard where they meet Solomon, who takes the situation in hand. Sigurd is placed in jail to await the crown’s justice.

A week passes and the group joins the town in the “inn-raising” to rebuild the inn after the fire. There is a dance where Artisan finally gets his drink with Adrianne, and Liaden gets asked to dance by Solomon.

The next day at the “inn-raising” the group splits into two teams and competes to see who can get their side of the inn up first. The boys triumphed just barely and receive the accolades and reward.

Patents, Libraries and Nukes

After finding a secret door in the bottom of Artisan’s old fraternity the group was able to defeat several possessed students. They then swiftly looked for somewhere to rest for the night and regain their strength.

On the way out of the university they ran into two drunk students who began calling after them. Once they had insulted Perry multiple times, they then turned their slander at Bazida. A final comment belittling both her and his mother, sent Perry into a rage. Fortunately it was a quick battle with the two drunken students running as fast as they could.

The next day, Bazida and Perry headed to the library to do some research while Liaden and Artisan made their way to the patent office.

The library did not turn up too much information, other than that the Umbral Shepherd they fought the night before originated in the plane of shadow and that they are known to be servants of someone called the Prince of Pain. With little time, that was the only information they could locate.

The patent office was a success and Artisan now has a patent for his handi-clips.

As night fell the group went to sneak back into the fraternity to see if they could find any more information. Using the cover of the party being thrown, Ryder, somewhat unstealthily made his way to the upstairs. Here he found the bedroom of the fraternity’s leader Biff, but unfortunately it had already been cleaned out.

After reaching another dead end the group decided to go speak with the Dean of the School of Evocation. Enraged by the information they passed along, she told them to wait at the inn while she gathered the other deans. After several hours the group hear a large explosion and saw a bright light coming from the fraternities. A messenger came to tell them that everything was taken care of. When they went to check for themselves, they found the frat house burned to the ground. Several members of the fraternity were in chains, being interrogated by the deans. Other members were standing in the front lawn shocked at what had just happened.


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