Grim eyes set in a weathered face speak of a man who has traveled many miles and has yet to find a home.


Raised among the elves of Faeranduil by his mother, Ryder never knew his father. But nevertheless, his humanity left is mark on Ryder’s features. He and his mother were looked down on by the other elves for her choices and his heritage. Once he grew old enough to understand the snide remarks made behind his back and sometimes to his face, Ryder began spending much of his time in the woods.

It was here that he taught himself the ways of tracking, and combat. When his mother discovered where he was going she joined him and taught him the art of dual weapons. She had been a royal guard before the time of the Magi Council.

It was also in the woods that he had a life changing experience. One day as we was tracking some deer for their dinner he stumbled upon the path of a young bear. Threatened by this encroachment of it’s territory, the bear attacked. Unprepared, Ryder was forced to fight the bear with his hands alone as it was on him before he could draw his swords. He and the bear wrestled to a standstill. When Ryder thought all was lost the bear opened his giant mouth and licked Ryder up the side of the face, acknowledging his ferocity as a warrior. From that day on Ryder and Teddy were never parted.

Eventually, tired of the ridicule and sick of walking the same paths through the same woods, Ryder decided it was time to leave and see the world. He began to wander and promised himself that he would never try to make somewhere feel like home again.


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