From the tips of his spiked blue hair to the points of his companion's claws, this gnome radiates mischief and power.


Raised as a travelling tinker, Artisan left home to study magic at the University in Sessmakesh at a fairly young age. He quickly became known for his skill and joined the fraternity Nwalme Ure Lambe. Here he traded his allegiance for even greater power. One day all of this changed when his gnomish blood enabled him to see through the glamour at one of the initiation parties. He saw that they were not eating a roast pig, as he thought, but the flesh of a young woman. Horrified, he tried to run, but was confronted by the demon he had bound himself to. He managed to escape with one of the demon’s teeth embedded in his shoulder.

Artisan went into hiding and tried to live a normal life. As his hopes shattered around him he began to Fade. It was then that he summoned Red for the first time and discovered a new source for his magic. He began to travel, seeking information about the demon who had once owned his as well as seeking knowledge about his new companion.


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