Patents, Libraries and Nukes

After finding a secret door in the bottom of Artisan’s old fraternity the group was able to defeat several possessed students. They then swiftly looked for somewhere to rest for the night and regain their strength.

On the way out of the university they ran into two drunk students who began calling after them. Once they had insulted Perry multiple times, they then turned their slander at Bazida. A final comment belittling both her and his mother, sent Perry into a rage. Fortunately it was a quick battle with the two drunken students running as fast as they could.

The next day, Bazida and Perry headed to the library to do some research while Liaden and Artisan made their way to the patent office.

The library did not turn up too much information, other than that the Umbral Shepherd they fought the night before originated in the plane of shadow and that they are known to be servants of someone called the Prince of Pain. With little time, that was the only information they could locate.

The patent office was a success and Artisan now has a patent for his handi-clips.

As night fell the group went to sneak back into the fraternity to see if they could find any more information. Using the cover of the party being thrown, Ryder, somewhat unstealthily made his way to the upstairs. Here he found the bedroom of the fraternity’s leader Biff, but unfortunately it had already been cleaned out.

After reaching another dead end the group decided to go speak with the Dean of the School of Evocation. Enraged by the information they passed along, she told them to wait at the inn while she gathered the other deans. After several hours the group hear a large explosion and saw a bright light coming from the fraternities. A messenger came to tell them that everything was taken care of. When they went to check for themselves, they found the frat house burned to the ground. Several members of the fraternity were in chains, being interrogated by the deans. Other members were standing in the front lawn shocked at what had just happened.



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