Of Treasure and Dragons

After relaxing in Providence for a few days the party was greeted one morning by Margaret racing down the stairs of their basement. She was excited to show Bazida a map and letter that she had discovered in her continued mission to clean out her store. The letter was a congratulations and seemed to hint at a large treasure that was an additional part of Margaret’s inheritance.

The party agreed to go looking for the treasure and bring Margaret back what they had found, keeping a portion as a fee.

The map lead the party deep into the Dwarven Kingdom. They traveled for nearly a week both above and below ground. After defeating a swarm of stirges on the side of the mountain, the party finally found the hidden entrance to a system of caves and made their way underground.

The map gave the party clues to solve various puzzles and traps as they made their way ever deeper into the earth. Finally, after many feats of intellect and dexterity, the group found their way to a large cavern. Ryder scouted ahead and found a cavern filled with gold, jewels, and various items. He immediately began to plunder the cave.

In his efforts to gather the treasure, Ryder disturbed what appeared to be a young dwarven man. Ryder immediately used a potion to go invisible and hide, while the young man made his way out of the cave and confronted the group. Only Bazida and Perry could understand as the young man was speaking dwarven. He accused them of killing him mother and breaking into his home. He then attacked the party and turned into a dragon.

Bazida and Perry tried to reason with the dragon, while Liaden and Artisan attacked, not knowing what was going on. Perry went into a rage, because Artisan was refusing to listen to him, and began attacking Artisan instead.

Ryder found a sword placed in a position of prominence in the cave and took it, running to the lava. He held the blade over the lava and threatened the dragon to try and stop the fight. The dragon snatched the blade back from Ryder and burrowed into the ground, eventually releasing a spray of lava that began to bubble over the island. The party took this as their opportunity to get the heck out of there and ran, after Artisan grabbed a few handfuls of treasure.



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